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“It’s been more than a month since I’ve stayed at the rescue shelter (for two weeks). I found it hard to find words to describe my amazing time here. I still think of my days there in Hungary: waking up early in the morning, going to live in the country, the beautiful hills, the sky turning pink in the evening .. If you are an animal lover, independent worker but also an groups person: this place is the place for you. I think that it is nice for people that do not only like to hang out with the horses but also with the other work-awayers that you share the house with. I prefer to also have some alone time but I think that in this house social-people will fit the best (just for the vibe). But do not understand me wrong: everyone is excepted. Be prepared for a little bit of chaos and with that .. a lot of adventures.” – Lena /Netherlands

“Had a great time working on the sanctuary. Most of your time is spent with the goats, and you’ll quickly become attached to them I promise. Other than that you can do odd jobs around the farm as well as take care of the horses (who are far more low maintenance), but its up to you to work as much as you would like. From what I have heard goats are more loyal than dogs and I’ve definitely experienced that while working here. Csaba is a great man who cares a lot about animals in general. Sadly he’s not always home, however he works his hardest to keep enough volunteers for you to spend time with while your there. There are also two artists who live in the house with you. They are both helpful and an awesome pair to get to know. You’ll often get help from the friendly towns people. Sometimes Csaba might even be nice enough to let you take the car into town. So glad I came here, this place is one of a kind and every day always has something new and unexpected for you to experience. Take care guys!” – John /USA

“It’s been a week since returning from this place and I have to admit I miss basically everything about that farm. Working in an animal shelter has been the craziest job I have ever done but also the most rewarding. Every day was a new challenge, between goats (39), dogs (Buksi), cats (2) and horses (13). I worked with a good group of volunteers that made my experience very special. I highly recommend this place.” – Franzinet /Venezuela

“First thing to say was that this place is beautiful and that I had a fantastic time.
Second thing to say is that if you are dreaming of working with horses, specify in advance because most of my time was spent with the goats or doing general maintenance tasks. Not that this was a problem for me, it’s just good to know.
I had a fantastic time with all the animals, especially Buksi the dog and Poppy and Chelsea the goats. Big shout out to the cats too. The work was fulfilling and interesting, the goats were a handful but loveable and wonderful, and the people (Janis, Elena, Csaba and the other workawayers) were super nice and helpful. The house was great and beds comfortable but there is not so much to do once it gets dark (before 5 in winter) so maybe some activities if you bring them would be nice.
Overall it was wonderful, the place is stunning, the animals fantastic and the lifestyle to die for. I can fully recommend anyone doing this.” – George /UK

“Welcome on a crazy goats farm in hungary! 😀
This adventure started when Csaba collected us as his first volunteers in Budapest and I felt really welcome from the first second 🙂
His place is very peaceful and relaxing. You are around animals all day long – with crazy and adoreable dogs, two little kitten, 13 beautiful horses, the goats of course ! and all the other animals who jumps around 😀
I‘m really enjoying this time here, while I’m learning how to milk goats, making feta cheese, collecting herbs for teas and walnuts and cuddling with all your furry friends! I highly recomment this experience :D” – Franka /Germany

“I had a great time working with the horses and goats in Toreki. We had access to lovely and comfortable accommodation with a great kitchen, we were well fed, and the tasks were fulfilling and educational.
We were made to feel welcome from the very start and the other residents of the house were so kind.
It was great to feel my confidence improve in the given tasks over the course of the placement.
With the farm being very far out in the countryside, this was also a very nice break from all the cities I have been travelling in.
Thank you Csaba and all the team on the farm!!” – Nicole /UK

“I stayed here for just 5 days, planned it differently but anyway:
I would like to describe the place a bit, because I expected a complete different stay there. I thought 2 weeks about what to write here and I try to stay neutral:
You will live in a house with only other workawayers and one man who is living there together with his girlfriend. The number of workawayers vary a lot, but there are always people around you. I really liked that. You will cook together, spend your free time together and get to know each other. I met new friends there and I am really happy to have met you.
The house is standing on a massive property. There are goats which have to be milked every 2-3 days but that is not so difficult.
Then there is a dog living with you in the house. He is nice but a bit difficult to handle. But as I had one person there, who got on with him well, he could more or less handle him. The good thing is: if you have a problem, you can call the host csaba and he tries to take care of it.
Then there are the horses. Rescued and now living wild on this field. If you spend a lot of time with them, they will let you come as close, that you can stroke them.
So all together you just take care of the goats, bring them out in the morning and back in the evening. And the rest of the time you can do what you like. If it’s staying with the horses, dealing with the dog, cooking or spending time with the others.
The reason why I left earlier and why I write this, is that I want to make clear, that if you are a person who fast feels sorry for animals, you should not come here. I noticed that at the beginning and that’s why I left.
We are only workawayers with more or less experience and we are taking care of a lot of animals (cows and sheep are arriving soon). The animals (especially the horses) can not be touched by the vet, so some of them have a bit problems.
I just don’t want you to be sad when you go there.
But if you are a person who has ideas and loves being indepent and around animals. You should come here!
Thanks for the time here!” – Nele /Germany

“Csaba’s Horse Rescue Shleter is an amazing place, which gave us the oppurtunity to experience so many wonderful things! We stayed there for 2 weeks with sometimes 7 other workawayers and worked mostly independent. The owner Csaba comes just every couple of days around from Budapest to look after the projects and discuss about the coming plans. The groceries are delivered every week and there is an english car (without insurance) we can use to do some shopping in Siofok for example, which is just 10 minutes away. The place is huge and beautiful, you can see the Balaton, which looks simply amazing. Your ideas are very welcome, cause the project just started. During our visit we took care of the goats and horses, but soon there will be also sheeps and cows! It was always an experience to bring them back home and run for them sometimes for hours through the forest. Besides that we looked after the property and could realise our own visions to improve the shelter. The athmospere is so welcoming that you will feel immediatly like at home. We liked it so much that we will go back soon, the first host after 9 different ones, we dont want to miss anymore!” – Gina /Germany

“Have you ever dreamed of living on the farm surrounded with nature and animals? Trying a different and more peaceful lifestyle? Then Horse Rescue Center is definitelly a place for you!
This was my very first workaway experience and I fell in love with the place. There was a herd of crazy goats, that needed looking after, milking every couple of days and bringing home every afternoon. In the shelter there also were 13 horses. But please, be aware these are rescued horses. Some of them are very shy, some of them have health issues. The main task is to spend time with them and befriend them. And if you are a dog lover, there is a super cuddly dog waiting for you too. There will be more animals coming in soon, which will need looking after.
In the shelter, there is no host waiting for you, who would show you what to do and when to do it. There is only volunteers who will show you everything. Volunteers organize time and all the tasks between themselves. If there is a bigger issue, it could be a bit difficult without a host/person who would know what to do. Since there are only volunteers with little experience, it can get stressful at times.
The shelter offers a lot of opportunities. And it only depends on your creativity and your preferences what you will do with your time there. I do hope. I will have an opportunity to go back again.” – Radovana /Slovakia

“It was the first workaway for us and it was an amazing experience with horses and goats. We spend a lot of time with goats for milking and to bring them back at home everyday ! The horses are nice and with patience it’s possible to touch them. Live with the team in a big house was very good but we think that someone is missing to explain the tasks and to manage the general organisation.
So, if you like animals, this place is for you !!” – Karina&Emeline /Germany

“I stayed for one month in the Horse Rescue Shelter and I’m glad I found it! If you like beeing outside at the fresh air, being in contact with animals most of the time, and if you are fine with shared rooms, this is a perfect place for you. There are 4 to 8 workawayers and as the host does not live at the farm, workawayers must organize themselves to do the work that has to be done, which is on the one hand a good experience in group dynamics, but on the other hand can be a little difficult to work efficiently.
It was my first workaway and I had a great time with all those lovely animals and that international workawayer team. I learned how to milk goats and how to lead them home every afternoon, how to give medicine to a sick goat, how to feed young calves, I went for a walk with the dog every morning and had some wonderful sunrises on the way, spent a lot of time with the horses trying to make them get used to humans, cuddling the cats and the dog, feeding sheep and donkey and of course doing some general maintainance tasks like cleaning the house, cleaning barns, checking fences, etc. There is always a possibility to take a day off to go for a walk, stroll through near Siofok or explore the Balaton region if you want.
Thanks everybody for the wonderful time, I hope you keep going on with your incredible enthusiasm for that big project!” – Barbara /Germany

“I spent more than one month here. And it’s a wonderful place, with wonderful animals and wonderful people !
You can find cats, sheep, horses, calves, donkeys (she’s pregnant), and so many crazy goats ! And one dog !
Once a week, a delivery man brings food (bread, pasta, rice, vegetables, butter, eggs…).
You must be autonomous, if there is a problem you have to find a solution. You work for this place, for you, for animals, not for a boss. You’re the team and you’re alone (with other volunteers) in this house. But Csaba is always available for help and for advices. Sometimes he comes to visit you. For me, it has been a great experience. It’s hard to leave this place after all this time: animals become your family. And I will never forget ?” – Fanny /France

“Crazy and soon famous rescue shelter!
This was my first Workaway and it was absolutely worth it. It was such a great experience. Seeing the calves getting bigger and stronger and starting to throw the buckets away when we fed them:D Just all the animals are lovely and the surroundings, the nature, it’s so beautiful.
There were lots of camera teams because at the time when I was there, Meckie, the biggest goat ever came to the shelter and is number one theme in Hungary right now. It was really fun and overall, the stay and the people were so wonderful, we had such a great time together. It felt as we were a little family. I‘ve learned so much about animals and also about Organisation, as we have to cook and clean by ourselves and we challenged ourselves to say that this is a good place to be vegetarian for the time we stay which was a nice experience and super easy as well.
I already miss the people and animals and when you‘re planning on going there, please give lots of love to Buksi and of course the other animals! One negative aspect is just, that there were sometimes to many people for the few tasks. It is winter time so nothing to expect but that could’ve been a bit better, even if the company was nice!
Thanks for having me and see you!” – Lea /Germany